Scorps Standardize Team Names as Franchise Club

by Janet Weber

The Scorpions Baseball Club has extended our relationship with Marucci, signing a long-term deal as a Marucci Franchise Club. The move strengthened an already exceptional relationship with the entire team at Marucci. In addition, The Scorpions will now have full access to Victus products. With the new Franchise tag, the Scorpions have decided to standardize all their team names for high school and youth teams nationally. The high school teams will be a mixture of Marucci and Victus names while all youth programs will exclusively use the Victus Vandal and Brigade names. The Scorpions have always been fortunate to have Marucci and Victus as a great partners and the new Franchise agreement has only enhanced the benefits for all Scorpions moving forward.  The new naming standard will take place for all teams beginning with spring 2021.  The Two Jupiter Teams will change immediately for Fall 2020.

To View Team Naming Standard Please Click Scorpions Naming