by Janet Weber

"We are so excited to bring back the Scorpions Academy for the 2022-2023 season. We saw all our previous students benefit immensely. We were able to work with players from 10-18. We saw four players commit to colleges, multiple players receive accommodations for both high school and youth levels. Players became better hitters, catchers, and pitchers.

To be a good hitter you must hit and hit with purpose. Our hitters all increased bat speed, exit velocities increased, increased on the field production, and became better situational hitters. Our pitchers will learn safety protocols that will keep them healthy and on the field. We will also teach them to throw the baseball more efficiently with greater velocity. Pitchers will be taught strategies to control the running game. Lastly, they will be taught tunning techniques and how to reshape their pitches. Catchers will be taught presentation techniques, blocking techniques, and multiple throwing techniques. Catchers will also be involved in the safety throwing protocols and arm stretching program with the pitchers."

- Coach Goodrich



“Of course, I am grateful for the year I spent with Coach Goodrich and the Scorpions Academy. When I started the academy I weighed 233 pounds, ran an 8.06 sixty and was lacking athleticism due to my size. I was a sophomore in high school with hopes to play college baseball but a lot of schools didn’t take me serious because I didn’t “look” the part. Immediately Coach Goodrich and the coaching staff broke down my strengths and weaknesses and we got to work. We did drills to strengthen my defense, hitting and my approach at the plate and we also talked about the mental aspect of baseball. By the end of the academy I weighed 190 pounds, ran a 7.02 sixty and committed to college! The year I spent with the academy and Coach Goodrich was the best decision for myself and my baseball career!”

- Logan Hughes

“In the academy we worked on all the tools in baseball everyday, but what stood out to me most was really learning the mental part of the game. becoming a smarter player has helped me dramatically.”

- Evan Griffis